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During uncertain times like these, do I change my 401(k) investment strategy?

March 02, 2020

As a corporate retirement plan specialist, I find great satisfaction in helping over 4,000 401(k) participants in planning for retirement. During times when the stock market is roaring and times when the stock market is in a correction, my message stays the same. While participating in your employer’s sponsored corporate retirement plan you are investing the most efficient way, which is dollar cost averaging. The money from your paycheck is invested into the stock market every pay period during market fluctuations, as well as market increases, buying on the average cost.

Another message I continue to stress to ALL participants is choose a well-diversified strategy that rebalances more conservatively over time.  Just make sure the strategy fits your age and financial situation. If you are invested age appropriately, you are prepared. It is like preparing for a hurricane.  All you can do is prepare the best you can, but you cannot control the storm.

In America, ninety-five percent of all retirement paychecks will come from a corporate sponsored 401(k) plan, not at XYZ bank on corner. This is a steady and disciplined journey that will provide great reward.  Just stay the course and do not let emotions take over or let the news media sway you into veering off your path.

If I can help in any way, feel free to reach out to me.