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Coronavirus Update: Our thoughts and opportunities

Coronavirus Update: Our thoughts and opportunities

March 12, 2020

We know there is rising anxiety and fear in our nation, and wanted to share our team's thoughts about opportunities:

  • It is still virtually impossible to access what the actual economic impact will be in the United States and abroad. The true economic impact will depend on the length of time and number of families impacted. It is important to distinguish that we do believe that the Coronavirus will be temporary. The hard part is understanding whether that means 3 months, 6 months or longer.


  • Don’t panic, remember that whether your investment portfolio is invested in a Defensive profile or an Aggressive profile (or anywhere in between), your investment return is still positive (to relatively neutral) since the beginning of 2019. Yes, investors have given back 2019 returns, but this is not time to sell.


  • If (and when) markets continue to panic, look at the volatility as an opportunity to BUY long-term investments at good entry points. At this stage, Pinnacle Trust is evaluating staggering purchases of additional stock into our models. This is the environment that offers us opportunities to buy and is also the hardest to emotionally rationalize. We will continue to look at each market drop as a chance to increase stocks into an overweight position.   


  • If you have been holding cash, now is a good time to talk to your advisor about a plan to deploy cash into the markets.


We understand that clients are concerned about markets and more importantly, their health. Please be aware that Pinnacle Trust has the capabilities to video conference and screen share rather than face to face meetings. Please contact our office at 601-957-0323 or your advisor directly. 


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